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Huaxing Machinery - Hubei customer customized gypsum self-leveling production line equipment delivery


The gypsum self-leveling production line equipment customized by Hubei customer will be loaded after passing inspection and acceptance and sent to the customer's installation site.

Thank customers for their trust in Huaxing Machinery, we will be more rigorous work attitude, more excellent mortar production equipment, feedback to every customer.

The main products of the company are:

1. Complete set of intelligent gypsum mortar production line (light plaster gypsum mortar, gypsum base self-leveling mortar);

2. Large ordinary dry powder mortar production line;

3. Complete set of intelligent special dry powder mortar production line (putty powder, tile glue, etc.);

4. Complete equipment of powder production line

5. Complete sets of fireproof coating, gypsum based fireproof mortar, cement based fireproof mortar, thermal insulation mortar equipment;

6. Cement grinding station, gypsum powder calcining line supporting equipment: large bag packing machine, small bag packing machine, rotary packing machine, elevator, screw conveyor, FU chain conveyor, air chute, dust collector, continuous mixing machine, loading machine, bulk machine, etc.

Contact number: 0536-4395888

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