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Amanda Maxie by lancelonie photography"Thank you Nelonie!! Officially my fav photographer . . . Im very satisfied with my pictures! I love you & thank you again ♥" ~Amanda

Lisa Kapchinske by lancelonie photography"I am loving the photos... thanks" ~Lisa

Angelina by lancelonie photography "Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome shoot!!! I had a really great time working with you!" ~Angelina

Hope Rosemary by lancelonie photography"It was wonderful working with you and your husband on Sunday. Thank you for the opportunity, I would love to work with you again... Thank you so much for the photos! You have such a nice soft quality to your style..." ~Hope Rosemary

Lorane Lynn by lancelonie photography "They look great Nelonie. You did such a great job :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" ~Lorane Lynn

Shamaiah by lancelonie photography"Wow you are SO talented and you brought the best out of me. Thank you..." ~Shamaiah