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Nelonie Crelencia aka lancelonie is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, California.  She primarily uses natural light to capture her vision.

Nelonie's love for the arts was rediscovered after buying her first DSLR camera - a Canon Rebel xsi.  Realizing the magic of every shutter speed, the former pencil-and-paper sketcher transformed into a light-and-frame artist.

Now, equipped with her "3rd BFF", Mark II, life behind the lens became even more serious.  As she continues to improve her self-taught skills, she aims to inspire others in the same way she finds inspiration from fellow photographers.
I am an artist who is ever thrilled to take my next photograph...
I am a writer who further colorizes that photo with my prose and poetry...
I am an observant who voices out my views with a pen (or keyboard)...
I am a daydreamer who has countless fancies yet to be photographed...
~poem by Nelonie Crelencia

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