A date with my daddy (10 iPhotos)

9:08 PM

"Daddy, it's Fathers Day, YOUR day!  But why did you choose to buy me a gift?"

"Can I get two new pairs, Daddy?"

"I promise I won't make them dirty.  I mean... The last two pairs you gave are still clean..."

"Daddy, here...  You gotta practice.  You know Mommy and I like using these."

"Come on, Daddy.  It's easy!  You just hold 'em like pencils.  See...?!!"

"Okay, I think I'll skip soup for now."

"This is the best - ramen with chips...  I mean lunch time with my FAVORITE MAN!"

"Where are we going this time, Daddy?"

"Piggy-back ride to the car.  Yay!!!

"Daddy, I had the best time today..."


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