A date with my daddy (10 iPhotos)

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"Daddy, it's Fathers Day, YOUR day!  But why did you choose to buy me a gift?"

"Can I get two new pairs, Daddy?"

"I promise I won't make them dirty.  I mean... The last two pairs you gave are still clean..."

"Daddy, here...  You gotta practice.  You know Mommy and I like using these."

"Come on, Daddy.  It's easy!  You just hold 'em like pencils.  See...?!!"

"Okay, I think I'll skip soup for now."

"This is the best - ramen with chips...  I mean lunch time with my FAVORITE MAN!"

"Where are we going this time, Daddy?"

"Piggy-back ride to the car.  Yay!!!

"Daddy, I had the best time today..."



Yellow apples (12 photos)

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Green apple, nice yellow dress...

Red apple, smile to impress...

Sharing apples, sharing dresses...

Sharing moments, little misses...

Run, run under the sun...

Stop, eat apples for fun...

Green, red, enough said...

Summer ripples turn yellow apples.

Yellow Apples

Models : Sophia + Jade

Photographer :


Sleep-over for two (5 photos)

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Sleep-Over For Two

Models : Sophia + Jade

Photographer :