Two topics on a Thanksgiving morning (26 photos)

1:18 PM

Mommy: "Pia, are you coming with me to the Thanksgiving mass?"
Sophia (who was playing on the iPad): "No."

Mommy: "I'm gonna thank GOD for my iPad."
Sophia: "I don't like my iPad."

Mommy: "You don't have an iPad."
Sophia (correcting herself): "No, my Nabi."

Mommy (on Typhoon Haiyan): "Pia, remember the Philippines?
The kids there have no food..."

Mommy: "...You have food, water and a Nabi."

Sophia (pointing to the Moshi Monsters on the iPad): "My Nabi doesn't have this."

Sophia (with an innocent remark?): "I have nothing to be thankful for..."

Sophia (rephrasing her sentence): "I don't know what to be thankful for, Mommy."

Sophia (with a sudden thought): "I'm thankful for my mommy for her iPad."

Mommy (initially disappointed): "Now, think about what you need to be thankful for?"

Sophia: "I already know..."

Sophia (as she buried her head into my tummy): "...Mommy, thankful for Mommy."

And speaking of tummy, I think the stuffing was not in the turkey nor the giant chicken.
I think the stuffing was in me.

Sophia: "Mommy, I'm wearing brown. Wear brown, too."

Sophia: "Brown is the color of Thanksgiving. Black and white, too."

Sophia (referring to their clothing): "Brown are the Indians. Black and white are the pilgrims."

Mommy (convinced as she took off her turquoise blue cardigan and black blouse): "Okay."

Mommy: "Since we're matching, let's take photographs, too."

Sophia: "Ah... Not again?!"

Thanksgiving Color

Long sleeve blouse: Old Navy
Short sleeve blouse overlay: Sunny Leigh
Blue jeans: 7 For All Mankind Jeans
Brown shoes: SBICCA of California
Earrings and necklace set: Mom-made
Diamond wedding ring set: Romano's
Vintage ring: Mommy's heirloom

Sophia's dress: Grandma-made

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