That pink juicy perfume I wear under my clothes (8 photos)

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The usher requested that we move further towards our left to make a space on the pew... Then suddenly, I thought of my former colleague. I wondered how he is adopting to the cold eastern weather and his daily bus commute...
[ Full Story: Surviving An Offensive Smell Graciously ]

Our Russian co-worker who used to live in New York said she would stay. She was afraid that the person may be one of those random people who stalk (when irritated or offended by any reaction). [ Full Story ]

First, I would pretend nothing smells wrong then "try" to inch away from it . . . like perhaps do some acting.
We used to do this with my best friends . . . you know, when we try to sneak out or something. [ Full Story ]

That powdery scent was just too strong for my delicate sense of smell. How is that? [ Full Story ]

I would once in a while lean towards my left where my mom and daughter were as if reaching for something.
Odorless air, that is. But that was all poor me could do. [ Full Story ]

And guess what? I was that Russian New Yorker who pretended nothing was wrong. [ Full Story ]

That Pink Juicy Perfume I Wear Under My Clothes

Pink polka dot blouse: Mom-made
Khaki jacket: French Cuff
Pink reversible belt: Forever 21
Blue jeans: Seven For All Mankind
Black flat buckle shoes: Kelly & Katie
Black shades: Prada
Black monogram shoulder bag: Gussaci Italy
Diamond wedding ring set: Romano's
Vintage ring: Mommy's heirloom
Perfume: Juicy Couture

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