Stranger No. 25: gothic Welsh

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Stranger No. 25: Gothic Girl, on Facebook She 'goth' my head turnin'

This should have been processed and posted on the last week of September or first week of October 2011.  It was taken in Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood, CA a day after my daughter’s birthday.  It was also the last day of the West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts.  We came there close to sunset while some booth owners or sellers were already packing up their goods.

Just as we were about to head to our car, I turned my head and this black-and-purple-clad lady caught my eye.  She was pushing a cart of goods.  I was like . . . ok, there goes my new stranger...  So, I stalked followed her to her van (or truck) and asked if I can take some photos.  She hesitated saying she generally doesn’t like her picture taken.  I didn’t mind.  It happened with Miss Timony before.  But a really nice persuasion had her (plus Timony and friend) approve my clean intent.  I assured her, if she let me, her headshots will come out very nice.  Besides, she’s a lovely lady.

My goal is to bring out the violets in her.  I brightened and contrasted to pop the colors out.  While I made her hair and make-up darker, I kept her face lighter and left a little hint of sparkle on her eyes.

I love the diversity she brings to my set – penciled-perfect brows, heavy eye make-up, pale cheeks and brightly colored lips.  She has purple highlights on her hair that add more interest.  It’s not every day I see Goth, which makes Stranger 25th unique to me.  Beautifully unique, I should say.

She told me her name but because it was more than four months ago, I forgot.  I lost the paper where I wrote it and the others, including Star Gazer.  I even lost the pack of numbered cards I usually give away to my strangers.  I hope Miss Gothic didn’t lose hers.  I’d like for her to grab her portraits.
I hate the word gothic but I would like to try doing something like that -
a gothic sound, not rock, but gothic.  There's a difference.
~Kelly Osbourne

Stranger No. 25: Gothic Girl by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 25: Gothic Girl by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 25: Gothic Girl by lancelonie, on Facebook

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