Stranger 24: star gazer

9:44 PM

Stranger No. 24: Star Gazer by lancelonie, on FacebookAmazed with that genuine gaze

My 24th find walked out of the store quietly with a cap and a backpack.  I sensed that she was a kind soul that would also welcome an intruding stranger like me.

After explaining a few details on why I wanna "shoot" her, she was also ready to shoot me back with that wonderful stare.  I'm satisfied and thankful with her cooperation.  Besides the fact that light was permitting, this pretty lady gave me exactly what I wanted.  Bravo, my friendly stranger!  Bravo!

I'd like to think that my stranger encounter is getting better in terms of targeting someone who would help me portray a look.  I also think I'm probably getting better at convincing strangers (or maybe finding the right stranger).  Hmm...

She's one of my genuine "gazers", in line with my first Winning LookPower GazeInteresting 10thMiss Ooh-la-lashesSunshine GirlCool Sweetheart and Sun-kissed Lady (gasp)...  This girl is on my top list for now.  I'd like to call her the Star Gazer.
The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze.
~Gustav Adolfo Becquer

Stranger No. 24: Star Gazer by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 24: Star Gazer by lancelonie, on Facebook

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