Stranger 22: spectacled angel

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Stranger 22: Spectacled Angel by lancelonie, on FacebookDrama Behind Another Smiley Face

I had a hiatus after Sophia's school orientation and all the while, I thought I lost my 22nd card.  When I finally went back to shooting strangers, I re-wrote that number down.

Along Hollywood Blvd., I walked back to the same spot I stood 5 weeks ago and it all came back to me...  I did capture my 22nd stranger!  I wonder if she was trying to look for her photo.

I apologize for such a huge delay, Miss 22.  There was quite a distraction - when I switched from my good ole desktop to hubby's Alienware on which he installed Adobe Bridge...  Ahhh...  Excuses!  Again, sorry...

IMG_0235 Spectacled Angel, on Facebook Although I (briefly) forgot about her headshots, I clearly remember the small talk between this friendly soul and me...  After she pulled up on the side street, got out of her car, she said, "I like your blouse..."  I was wearing a black see-through sleeveless blouse layered on top of a white camisole.  I think she was also layered - her style, probably.

In my mind, I said, yes!  That's the right approach.  A small talk are somewhat a clear indication that a stranger is approachable and likely open to suggestions.  So, when she agreed, I also remember her telling me she smiles when she walks.

Yeah, I wanted her to stare just like the others - you know, that look-through-me-blankly kinda thing.  Or, drop that smiley face and power gaze me.  She's internalizing here to do just that.

She (I forgot her name.  Was it Kellie?  Sorry!) is my 3rd model with glasses after Cool Sweetheart and Framed Artist.  I'd like to call her the Spectacled Angel because that's what I thought of her when I overexposed her photo here on Flickr...
Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make clear.
~Stephen Wright

Stranger 22: Spectacled Angel by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger 22: Spectacled Angel by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger 22: Spectacled Angel by lancelonie, on Facebook

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