Stranger 21: framed artist

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Stranger No. 21: Framed Artist by lancelonie, on FacebookA Picture Full Of Interest

I had been eyeing this lovely lady as soon as I spotted her waiting in line while talking with a friend.  It's funny how I played like a stalker.   That's how street photographers roll, I guess - prowling for light, beauty and all things interesting.  You just know when something or someone stands out among the crowd.

So, this is even more interesting - a photographer meeting a painter - both artists...

When I asked if I can have her picture taken, she was a little hesitant.  It's okay and it's just normal.  I was ready to accept her no.  But then she was convinced because her friend, Model Vibe, was alright with it.

After bursting some shots, she asked if I got a card.  Silly me, with excitement and all the talking, I almost forgot to hand it out.  I asked what her name was and when I couldn't spell it, she traded me hers...

This is another interesting thing - Nelonie meeting Timony - both unusual names...

Remember Cool Sweetheart?  Both images are full of interest.  (I know.  I've been using this interesting word forever.  Any suggestion?)  The outcome is satisfactory for me - beautiful muted blue eyes behind those sunny yellow glasses, full lips of complementing hue, clear face with a nice lasting impression and natural hair movement that was perfectly frozen.  Like a breeze of fresh air, Miss Timony Siobhan's photo left me feeling good about myself.

There's just one thing more I need to know...  Did it pass the photographed artist's taste?
My whole artistic life has always been about change, change, change;
move on, move on... It's the only thing I find interesting.
~Paul Simon

Stranger No. 21: Framed Artist by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 21: Framed Artist by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 21: Framed Artist by lancelonie, on Facebook

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