Stranger 20: model vibe

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Stranger No. 20: Model Vibe by lancelonie, on Facebook Nostalgic Appeal

I spotted Stranger No. 20 talking to her friend, my 21st, while waiting in line for the store cashier.  Then I looked away to find some other targets (and/or a good vintage buy) in case I didn't catch her.  In the end, I still found myself turning back to her direction about a few meters away.

Hubby and I were already outside when suddenly 20 and 21 stepped out.  It came out like a pretty normal thing to me - to ask for some headshots while showing my  Flickr photostream via iPhone.  I think I may have programmed my brain to pursue them because I didn't feel nervous nor shy.  There was some kind of vibe, I guess...

She was easy to persuade even when I stopped her from putting her sunglasses on.  I like that she was cool and giving.  I mean, hey, there's nothing to be insecure about some close-up shots when you are photo-worthy.

I usually like clear bright pictures; but during post-processing, I felt like dimming this a little bit.  It reminds me of that old photo I once saw in some '70s or '80s magazine.  The model's stare, matte lips, slightly tilted head and overall expression evoke a sense of nostalgia.  Plus, the purplish tone set the mood for a beautiful vintage vibe.

Tall and lovely Jamie projected an image that seemed stylized for a magazine, not an ordinary out-of-the-blue stranger shot.  She loos like model, doesn't she?  Well, maybe she is...


Stranger No. 20: Model Vibe by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 20: Model Vibe by lancelonie, on Facebook

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