Stranger 17: eye candy

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Stranger No. 17: Color Princess by lancelonie, on FacebookCotton Candy Portraits

Here's my 17th stranger (9th on Flickr) - Sylvia with a W - who is a friend of Molly with an IE.  (It's a lovely misspelling coincidence.  Don't you think?)  I thought the former's name sounded out-of-this-country and indeed it was.  She was from Poland.

This Polish beauty was down on her knees and busy trying to unlock her bike.  But I had to politely interrupt so as not to lose my momentum.  She said, "I don't care," which meant it's ok to take her photo.  She also said she was tired but I was happy she wasn't too weary for a pose.

While processing her raw file, I thought, hmmm... another potential eye sparkler . . . and yes, I'm right.  Not only that, behind her emerged the most colorful background I'd ever photographed so far...  I was like, what on earth was that?!  Where was it?  Where was I?  Dang, that was pretty!  I was so lovin' the colors that I decided to work around it.  So, I gave it a little twist for my 100 strangers set on Flickr...

Anyway, cool filters were the most appropriate for this young charmer.  I think the painterly style suits this kind of portrait - considering her skin tone, the captured light on her eyes and that yummy cotton candy background.  What a fairy-tale-like portrait!  (I think I'm jealous.  I gotta go back there for a photo of myself Sophia.  LOL.)  ...And no matter what I did, I couldn't help but paint her.  Did I mention I used to draw faces and models before?  Well, Sylwia gave me the opportunity to do that again . . . digitally...  Sweet!!!


Stranger No. 17: Color Princess by lancelonie, on Facebook


Stranger No. 17: Color Princess by lancelonie, on Facebook

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