Stranger 18: sweet grinner

11:24 AM

Stranger No. 18: Sweet Grinner by lancelonie, on FacebookFrozen Stare, Warm As Summer

If I'm not mistaken, I saw my 18th stranger in Kodak Theater that same afternoon but wasn't able to ask her. When I saw her again in Goodwill, I knew it was the right time. So, very smoothly, I made my approach as she stood outside the store waiting for her family.

She was delighted to have her picture taken.  That shyest grin of hers, which seemed to hide a big glossy-lips smile, rendered a wonderful outcome...

After color adjustments, the scene came together with sort of a vintage summer feel to it.  The pale blue tone atop the photo blends well with her pinkish skin (particularly the bottommost photo).  The background and her hair colors are in her eyes that are clear and beautiful.  It's kinda deceiving.  It's like we had a day on the beach when in fact, this was taken at 7:17pm.  I so love the effect that I'm jealous again...(LOL).

This mild mannered lass from Michigan reminded me of Poised Mama - one of my first batch of stranger portraits.  A pretty lady, this Nikki is . . . and a pleasant soul to have worked with.  Even her lovely family was just as warm when they flashed their goodbye smiles to me.  Miss 18th's brother (I think) wished me good luck on my 100-stranger project just like Cool Sweetheart.


Stranger No. 18: Sweet Grinner

Stranger No. 18: Sweet Grinner by lancelonie, on Facebook

Stranger No. 18: Sweet Grinner by lancelonie, on Facebook

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