Stranger 15: sunshine girl

2:56 AM

Stranger No. 15: Sunshine Girl by lancelonie, on FacebookGirl With The Sun In Her Eyes

I was a little hesitant about asking this lady as she inched her way towards where I was . . . kinda odd..

"Hi! I'm Nelonie. How are you?"

My concern of her being afraid of me completely faded when she immediately flashed her beautiful smile.  She was unassuming and all ready to give her expression.  So, without further explanation on what this 100 strangers project was all about, she stood there all smiles with the sun in her eyes.

(But I did show her my other  portraits, my daughter and my 1st stranger to rev it up a little.)

While shooting, I was getting a little embarrassed as it was taking so long for me to get it right.  I thought - how am I gonna show this up on Flickr when the image is not worth it?  The sun was up and blinding her.  The light was harsh and casting shadows on her pretty face.  Truly, I was grateful of her not only for saying yes but also for being so patient to follow my hubby's instructions.  (He, upon sensing my frustration, had to come down and interfere.)

More strangers by lancelonie on FacebookWe had her stand against the street with the sunlight coming from her left side, a technique I did here.  Two more sets of three and that was it.  I had to let her go no matter what, even if she was too nice to stay, as it was unusually long for a stranger shot.

To my surprise during post-processing, the light turned out to be a very good player!  In fact, I chose her image to be my first black and white portrait on Flickr...

So Leah, who just moved from I-forgot-to-ask-where, is now a local of Los Feliz, California and a face on both my 100 Strangers set on Facebook and Flickr.


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