Stranger 4: winning look

9:20 PM

Stranger No. 4: The Winning Look by lancelonie

The Most Picturesque

She was also posing with Laura so I politely told her I’ll take your friend first. Then out of courtesy, I took a headshot of this other stranger from Spain.

Oh, my goodness, she was enchanting! And her look… That look... That was the expression I was looking for! A genuine stare . . . as if with great wonder why I was doing what I was doing…

I’m really really, as in really glad I didn’t totally ignore her. So far, she had the most picturesque expression of all, which made think she was used to this.

I have to say, Marta is my winner!

The countenance is the portrait of the soul and the eyes mark its intentions.
~Marcus Tullius Cicero


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