Stranger 3: eye wonder

9:15 PM

Stranger No. 3: Eye Wonder by lancelonie

Stunning Eyes of Wonder

I walked back up trying to get away from onlookers who probably knew why I was loitering. At this point, I felt a bit insecure and paranoid. But what the heck…

Then I noticed this girl who has the most interesting pair of eyes – stunning! I stopped her to say my intention.  She and her friend said I talked fast that I had to repeat myself slowly. I articulated only to this eye-wonder without even looking at her friend. It was she I was only interested in.

Laura was kinda shy and conscious so she kept looking away. I think I gave her the most clicks trying to catch light through those fascinating Spanish eyes of hers.

I’m specifically interested to know her eye color. It looks like a combination of green and brown.


Stranger No. 3: Eye Wonder by lancelonie

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