Stranger 2: towering beauty

9:06 PM

IMG_8086-Stranger-No.-2sA Charm Among The Crowd

I quickly spotted this charming young lady among the crowd as she was stepping down the stairs… I thought she was alone and if I knew she wasn’t from the start, I would have not asked her. But while she was showing signs of agreement, she looked towards, I guess, her parents. It was as if she was silently saying, this looks interesting; wait for me; I gotta have my picture taken.

The background, this time, provided a nice color, which kinda confused me if her eye color was really green or blue. I hope she tells me…

I’m so glad and proud of myself to have asked her. So excited that I’m not even sure if I got her name right – Kendell or Kendall?


A charming woman doesn't follow the crowd.  She is herself.
~Loretta Young

Stranger No. 2: Towering Beauty by lancelonie

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