Stranger 1: flawless face

8:53 PM

IMG_8080-Stranger-No.-1sMy First Beautiful Stranger

The things that attract me first and foremost are the person’s eyes. So when I spotted a good-looking pair, I braved my way towards her, prepared for my second rejection… Thank goodness she was all up for a pose!

This girl is almost flawless. I played with contrasts and never did I see any unpleasant markings nor any trace of sunspots on her face. Her make-up suits her well, too, accenting her lovely features. It gave me the opportunity to use a cool filter as opposed to warm tones that I normally use.

I’m kinda overwhelmed with joy of having this jumpstart that I forgot to ask her something...

Thank you, Miss ‘whatsyourname’ for being my first beautiful stranger. I’m very pleased to have a moment with you!


Haven't we met? You're some kind of beautiful stranger...
~Madonna, Beautiful Stranger

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