Stranger 6: pretty stare

10:36 PM

Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare

I should’ve invited my 6th to a better lit area because I hardly caught her eye color here. As opposed to everyone else who got at least six camera clicks, this French Guianian only received three. I was too conscious of her friends up my shoulder while I was down on my knees focusing on her.

Lesson learned: Be braver to ask your photo subject to come with you to a preferable spot, away from by-standers. Stay eye level. Don’t kneel. In as much as you want your stranger to feel comfortable, you need to be relaxed, too.

The least I could do was burn color to her lips and add brightness around her. But let me point this out. I do like her pretty stare. I bet if I brought her to light, it would have been prettier. Right, Pamela?

Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare by lancelonie

Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare by lancelonie

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