Stranger 11: stunning Portlander

11:24 PM

IMG_8167-Stranger-No.-11-Original-sPleasing Inside And Out

Though we’re ready to leave, my eyes still roamed around for that one last Hollywood stunner . . . and I got lucky with Lia of Portland, Oregon. She was blonde-haired like my first lovely model, tall like my second tower of beauty and remarkable like my third Spanish eye wonder.

She asked, “Do I smile or…?”

I should’ve said both yes and no because whichever way, the images were all pleasing (except that she, OMG, didn’t look through my lens). Nevertheless, I was all excited to see these blown up on my computer screen and more…

Six Canon bursts and a short casual chat after, we parted with a friendly hand-shake. Hopefully, we’ll meet again whether it’s face to face or Facebook...


Stranger No. 11: Stunning Portlander by lancelonie

Stranger No.11 Stunning Portlander by lancelonie

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