Close-up smiles

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Stranger 11: stunning Portlander

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IMG_8167-Stranger-No.-11-Original-sPleasing Inside And Out

Though we’re ready to leave, my eyes still roamed around for that one last Hollywood stunner . . . and I got lucky with Lia of Portland, Oregon. She was blonde-haired like my first lovely model, tall like my second tower of beauty and remarkable like my third Spanish eye wonder.

She asked, “Do I smile or…?”

I should’ve said both yes and no because whichever way, the images were all pleasing (except that she, OMG, didn’t look through my lens). Nevertheless, I was all excited to see these blown up on my computer screen and more…

Six Canon bursts and a short casual chat after, we parted with a friendly hand-shake. Hopefully, we’ll meet again whether it’s face to face or Facebook...


Stranger No. 11: Stunning Portlander by lancelonie

Stranger No.11 Stunning Portlander by lancelonie


Stranger 10: interesting tenth

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I went back to the French crowd upon noticing another interesting face who had an equally interesting name – Massanje.

I was happy that she gave me an unpretentious look. I mean, this was how I saw her before I took the shot and yet another beautiful gaze.

During post-processing, I found her face to be versatile because every filter I put on her suited her – warm or cool. So, I chose each of that tone per portrait. I thought she completed my perfect 10.


Stranger No. 10: Interesting Tenth by lancelonie

Stranger No. 10: Interesting Tenth by lancelonie


Stranger 9: poised mama

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Here is Deeana, the mother of this cute little toddler whom Sophia, my daughter, befriended. (photos to follow)

A great opportunity, I said – while daughters played, mothers got acquainted...

So the pretty mama gave me that same unadulterated look she had before and after the shot. Pure emotions, preserved. Poised and simply beautiful!

Stranger No. 9: Sweet Mama by lancelonie

Sweet Mama by lancelonie


Stranger 8: smiley face

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Stranger No. 8: Smiley Face by lancelonie on Facebook
She asked to have their family photo taken and I willingly obliged because, you know, she’s gonna return the favor.  This is exactly what I had in mind when I chose Hollywood Blvd.

Laughingly, she said it was hard not to smile. I guess because she was having a fantastic afternoon with her sweet family of three.

Through my viewfinder, I saw how her reds tried to hide her whites. Six snaps and her grin just stayed in the picture. That’s ok. I can tell there’s pure honesty to her emotions and her smile makes her more appealing!


Stranger No. 8: Smiley Face by lancelonie on Facebook


Stranger 7: power gaze

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Stranger No. 7: Power Gaze by lancelonie on Facebook
Then my lens shifted to another stranger from French Guiana.  Getting a cue from stranger 6, the friend painted me a stern look.  It was remarkably fierce that while I focused, she made me feel like I was her target.

Her frozen gaze was better than a put-on smile-for-camera mode.  I like the intensity, which seemed to inflict me during post-processing.

We were in an eye-to-eye battle and I lost by a thousand blinks.  But still, I emerged as the winner because finding a stranger like Andee was accomplishment enough.



Stranger 6: pretty stare

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Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare

I should’ve invited my 6th to a better lit area because I hardly caught her eye color here. As opposed to everyone else who got at least six camera clicks, this French Guianian only received three. I was too conscious of her friends up my shoulder while I was down on my knees focusing on her.

Lesson learned: Be braver to ask your photo subject to come with you to a preferable spot, away from by-standers. Stay eye level. Don’t kneel. In as much as you want your stranger to feel comfortable, you need to be relaxed, too.

The least I could do was burn color to her lips and add brightness around her. But let me point this out. I do like her pretty stare. I bet if I brought her to light, it would have been prettier. Right, Pamela?

Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare by lancelonie

Stranger No. 6: Pretty Stare by lancelonie


Stranger 5: charming sparklers

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Stranger No. 5: Charming Sparklers by lancelonie

A Sparkler From Down Under

She had just barely rested on a round concrete bench under the sun when I intruded. Cheerfully, she asked where her photo is going to be put up as we walked towards the wall where I took Laura and Marta.

I requested Tracy to remove her sunglasses so I can see her natural reflectors. They were alive and lit up with amazement. I can literally see myself in her eyes, inside her pupils. But, oh no . . . wait! She wasn’t looking at my lens. But, nonetheless, it was a pleasure taking photographs of this Australian charm.



Stranger 4: winning look

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Stranger No. 4: The Winning Look by lancelonie

The Most Picturesque

She was also posing with Laura so I politely told her I’ll take your friend first. Then out of courtesy, I took a headshot of this other stranger from Spain.

Oh, my goodness, she was enchanting! And her look… That look... That was the expression I was looking for! A genuine stare . . . as if with great wonder why I was doing what I was doing…

I’m really really, as in really glad I didn’t totally ignore her. So far, she had the most picturesque expression of all, which made think she was used to this.

I have to say, Marta is my winner!

The countenance is the portrait of the soul and the eyes mark its intentions.
~Marcus Tullius Cicero



Stranger 3: eye wonder

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Stranger No. 3: Eye Wonder by lancelonie

Stunning Eyes of Wonder

I walked back up trying to get away from onlookers who probably knew why I was loitering. At this point, I felt a bit insecure and paranoid. But what the heck…

Then I noticed this girl who has the most interesting pair of eyes – stunning! I stopped her to say my intention.  She and her friend said I talked fast that I had to repeat myself slowly. I articulated only to this eye-wonder without even looking at her friend. It was she I was only interested in.

Laura was kinda shy and conscious so she kept looking away. I think I gave her the most clicks trying to catch light through those fascinating Spanish eyes of hers.

I’m specifically interested to know her eye color. It looks like a combination of green and brown.


Stranger No. 3: Eye Wonder by lancelonie

Stranger No. 1: Flawless Face 1 by lancelonie Stranger No. 2: Towering Beauty by lancelonie Stranger No. 3: Eye Wonder by lancelonie Stranger No. 4: The Winning Look by lancelonie Stranger No. 5: Charming Sparklers by lancelonie


Stranger 2: towering beauty

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IMG_8086-Stranger-No.-2sA Charm Among The Crowd

I quickly spotted this charming young lady among the crowd as she was stepping down the stairs… I thought she was alone and if I knew she wasn’t from the start, I would have not asked her. But while she was showing signs of agreement, she looked towards, I guess, her parents. It was as if she was silently saying, this looks interesting; wait for me; I gotta have my picture taken.

The background, this time, provided a nice color, which kinda confused me if her eye color was really green or blue. I hope she tells me…

I’m so glad and proud of myself to have asked her. So excited that I’m not even sure if I got her name right – Kendell or Kendall?


A charming woman doesn't follow the crowd.  She is herself.
~Loretta Young

Stranger No. 2: Towering Beauty by lancelonie


Stranger 1: flawless face

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IMG_8080-Stranger-No.-1sMy First Beautiful Stranger

The things that attract me first and foremost are the person’s eyes. So when I spotted a good-looking pair, I braved my way towards her, prepared for my second rejection… Thank goodness she was all up for a pose!

This girl is almost flawless. I played with contrasts and never did I see any unpleasant markings nor any trace of sunspots on her face. Her make-up suits her well, too, accenting her lovely features. It gave me the opportunity to use a cool filter as opposed to warm tones that I normally use.

I’m kinda overwhelmed with joy of having this jumpstart that I forgot to ask her something...

Thank you, Miss ‘whatsyourname’ for being my first beautiful stranger. I’m very pleased to have a moment with you!


Haven't we met? You're some kind of beautiful stranger...
~Madonna, Beautiful Stranger